Biodegradable straws, recyclable cups, electric cars - life as we know it is transforming to greener horizons. We, at greenchic, want to do our part to contribute to a sustainable lifestyle, for everyone. That is why we provide a platform that supports second-hand shopping.

We carefully select pre-owned clothes and revive them for the conscious shopper. Every garment deserves a second chance at love, to be re-loved, and greenchic provides that opportunity. Our e-store consists of pre-loved designer clothes and accessories available for men, woman and kids.

Greenchic uses a carbon-neutral courier that helps minimize our carbon footprint. Re-loving fashion is the new fashion-forward. Follow the sustainability-trend and receive your deliveries in an eco-friendly manner.

Here are a few tips on how to shop eco-friendly on greenchic:

1. Relove fashion 
Buy secondhand fashion and
give new life to clothing.

2. Make the right purchase
Carefully select the items
suited for you.

3. Check the measurements
Review our measurements to
decrease the chance of returning.

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